Our Story

Quite a few years ago two young men met as fraternity brothers at Washington and Lee University. They became fast friends and decided to join forces and take a long walk on the Appalachian trail during Spring Break . They were able to convince a third friend to join them and they were off on a hike of a lifetime. The friendship between these two men was cemented forever on those trials in the Blue Ridge Mountains, high above the Shenandoah Valley.

When they returned to Lexington, Virginia an interesting thing happened.  Neither young man had a lot of extra cash and the game of the day that was so popular with the students  was backgammon. Rick mentioned this to Dan and Dan had an idea. One of his courses was in theatre, where Dan built the sets,  so they both headed off to the theatre carpenter shop where Dan took the lead and built a backgammon table for Rick and his soon to be bride. That experience lighted a family passion in Rick to build things and after graduation he began to build Adirondack Chairs in Richmond Virginia, while having a full time job at a bank.

Dan headed to Dallas and became an apartment developer. Rick continued to build and after a few starts and stops he committed himself full time to a company he named Built To Last. The product started as wood and evolved to the recycled plastic that is used today. Eventually Rick outgrew his Richmond production place (his garage) and moved the business to Moyock North Carolina where everyone on the way to the Outer Banks would see the product. The business was vibrant and Rick and his wife Laura both dedicated themselves to a company that made a truly great product.

Daniel and Rick, Appalachian Trail 1977
Daniel and Rick, Appalachian Trail 1977

Well eventually Dan returned to Virginia from Texas, because he was building apartments in Hampton Roads, and buying chairs from Rick. One day Dan called Rick and when he returned the call he sounded far off. Dan asked where he was and the answer was Florida. Rick explained they loved the state and they were thinking about slowing down.  Dan asked if they might be interested in selling and a deal was made between two long time friends.

On September 13, 2019, Dan and his partners purchased the Built To Last operation, with the pledge to Rick and Laura to always honor their incredible quality and tradition of making the finest product in the market. With new capital and the full support of Rick and Laura , Dan began  to position the firm for the future and future growth. Today Built To Last is a firm committed to its traditions of producing a quality product that has no peers. The products are 100% recycled plastic and 100% American made.  This is a story born in Virginia mountains, and  this is a story of two men who had the same vision And passion of always building the best.

Please stop by and take a tour of our facilities. You will see a lot of familiar faces and some new ones as well. We are adding new colors to our line to offer our loyal customers more options. We are embracing technology to insure our quality is unapparelled while still be assembled by hand. Everyone at the firm works hard to be worthy of our name, Built To Last.

Built to Last is proud to guarantee your 100% satisfaction. We would love to add you to our growing list of happy customers.