Customer Reviews


“Great furniture company! Very helpful and patient when picking out each piece for our large order. The furniture is beautiful and we get a lot of compliments on them. If you are looking for outdoor furniture, this is the place to go!”


-Gema S.

“Amazing customer service! Their product speaks for themselves. Chance, an associate that was working on my parent’s THIRD order, took the time out of his busy workload and called my father and just wanted to talk and have a friendly conversation. He told us about our order, but went above and beyond in kindness! We need more people like Chance in this world. Thank you BTL. You truly are kind and have an amazing product.”


-Seth C.

“Good product and absolutely the best bang for your buck when buying outdoor furniture.”


-Matt W.

“Thank you for the beautiful handmade chairs! The craftsmanship put into these chairs is something else!”


-Lori B.